Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog! To be honest, starting a blog is a huge leap for me. I do not consider myself a very tech savvy person (if you know me then you have likely experienced some of my “tech phobia”). However, opening up my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s shop several years ago led me to beginning a teacher Instagram account, which led me to discovering how much I enjoy connecting with other teachers; the majority of whom I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to connect with! As a result, in an effort to connect with more of you I am exchanging my ‘tech phobia mindset’ for a ‘tech growth mindset’ by beginning this blog. It is my hope that by sharing insights from my own classroom, in regards to instructional strategies, daily routines, organizational practices, etc. I will be able to offer helpful tips that can be incorporated into your classroom too!

In the coming weeks I will be delving into specific topics about teaching and my classroom, but the intention of this first post is to provide an introduction of sorts so that you can get to know me a bit as a teacher.

As this blog unfolds I anticipate that my love for teaching reading and writing will emerge. I incorporate the components of a balanced literacy program into my daily instructional routine. One of the reasons that I love teaching first grade is because I love the stages of literacy development that occur for six and seven year olds. As a result, Reader’s Workshop and Writer’s Workshop are two of my favorite parts of the school day! That being said, my classroom library is one of my favorite places that I get to share with my first graders.

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Another theme that I’m sure will emerge through this blog is my love for organization! I am a fairly well organized person by nature, and have been told that my classroom is a reflection of that. While I admittedly do have a growing pile (or two) that sit on my desk, I am able to keep my classroom organized fairly well. I attribute that to lots of kid-friendly labels throughout the room, as well as teaching my students my expectations for tidying up. As a result, I really don’t have to do too much to maintain an organized classroom throughout the year, once the groundwork is laid at the beginning of the year my first graders do a great job of independently maintaining our organized classroom environment!

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The fact that routines are an important aspect of my classroom management style is another theme that I expect to emerge through this blog. Not only do I strive to maintain a fairly consistent daily schedule, I also strive to create routines within each aspect of our day that my students can count on. For example, every day during Writer’s Workshop my first graders engage in their independent writing time with the soft tune of classical music in the background. During Reader’s Workshop we dim the overhead lights and turn on lamps in our classroom to set the tone for the reading work that we engage in each day. I believe that routines such as these are one component of fostering a predictable environment in which students feel safe and able to focus on learning.

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While the purpose of this blog is to share my teaching journey with all of you, I anticipate that there will be occasions when other aspects and passions of my life emerge in my blog posts too. As we all know, the passion of teaching isn’t easily compartmentalized into one aspect of our life, it often intertwines and pours into other aspects of our lives as well.

Thanks for reading and for following along, I look forward to connecting with you in the weeks and months ahead!


  1. Cool, your so organized! I'm looking forward to what you have to share!

  2. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us! Can I ask what sort of professional reading material you used to help you further your writers workshop? Are there any authors or specific books that you would recommend? Thank you so much!

    1. Ralph Fletcher, Katie Wood Ray and Lester Laminack are some of my favorite authors for professional reading. I have read several books by all of them and have yet to be disappointed. Stephanie Parsons First Grade Writers is a good one too. She has books for other grade levels too, but I've only read her First Grade one. I hope that helps!